Rishika Sen

writer & advocate


Rishika Sen is a writer and advocate. Her first novel LEARNING TO SWIM is available on Wattpad and has been featured on the Editor’s Choice list for the month of November. LEARNING TO SWIM focuses on an Indian-American young adult who navigates through his mental struggles after tragically losing his older brother. Most of Rishika’s stories revolve around the everyday life of characters of color and the struggles that they may have in the real world. A common theme that all her stories touch on is social justice issues like racism and mental illnesses.

Other than writing, Rishika is also a passionate mental health advocate. She’s one of the three cofounders of MyKahani Bangalore, a mental health awareness organization focusing on raising awareness about mental health in Bangalore, and also volunteers with various other organizations for the same.

She is currently in a gap year and is trying to enhance her creative skills. When she’s not writing or attending meetings, Rishika can be found rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl for the hundredth time.

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